cheo gonzalez


“I used what I had: my reflections, my neighbors in the windows, or the supermarket cashier as models… Without social contact, it was either painting that or the images on TV.”

When life suddenly locks you up.

The title “Mil Metros” was derived from the maximum distance that the artist walked every week, which was from his house to the supermarket, during the first year of quarantine.

“Queerentena” was a collective exhibition held by Google’s Arts & Culture platform and the Museum of Sexual Diversity in São Paulo, Brazil. As part of the exhibition, Cheo González presented his work “1000 metros,” a selection of 12 pieces he created during the days of isolation brought on by the pandemic. During this time, the 1000 meters of his weekly trip to the supermarket were the farthest he would go, and it was within this space where he found inspiration: neighbors seen through the windows of his apartment, himself, supermarket cashiers, and occasional people on the street.