Cheo Gonzalez


Cheo Gonzalez

Cheo González, born in Chile, is currently based in London and Sao Paulo. He graduated in communication and is in the process of completing his MA in Fine Arts at the University of the Arts London, Chelsea School of Arts. In 2023, he was the recipient of the prestigious UAL International Postgraduate Scholarship and Accommodation Award.

In 2024, he received the UAL Bounce Found award and was selected for the Weatherbys Private Bank Exhibition, the ADEMA residency in Majorca, the International Festival by the Academy of Visual Arts in Ljubljana, and the Arts Chaplaincy Project. UAL also invited him to lead critiques for the Singapore art group. Additionally, he was a finalist to the Mead Fellowship 2024 for his book, ‘The Queer Art Atlas’.

Throughout 2024, he also curated and organised five exhibitions in various London galleries. These included ‘The International Queer Art Exhibition 2024’, which saw participation from 25 countries and was a collaboration between UAL and The Queer Museum. He also curated and organised ‘Sexual Dissidence (in Art Today)’ at Millbank, a collaborative effort involving Sotheby’s, UAL, students from the RCA, the National University of Brasília, and artists from 11 countries. He organised the ‘Desire & Consumption’ exhibition at Peckham Levels and is currently organising the ‘Loss, Time and Memory’ and ‘Feminism Today and Revolution’ exhibitions, in collaboration with postgraduate students from UAL and Sotheby’s.

In addition to his artistic endeavours, González has a keen interest in queer political activism. Since 2019, he has been the director of The Queer Museum, a non-profit organisation that connects with and promotes queer artists worldwide through exhibitions and publications.

His work is featured in private collections and in several museums, including the Museum of Sexual Diversity in Brazil, The Lusophone Museum of Diversity in Portugal, and the Diversa Institute. His work also appears in books such as “Jesus Now” from Abrams Books, where he is featured alongside artists like Cindy Sherman, David LaChapelle, Pierre et Gilles, and even graces the cover.


Cheo González explores the liminal space between private urban infrastructure and the public domain, through the almost abstract architectural boundary that is established between private walls and the street. This minimal space, which is located between the last layer of building paint and the posters and graffiti that cover it, is his object of study. In this hidden space, González examines the patterns formed by the patina, the residues of glue, and the fragments of advertising images on the back of posters and billboards that he collects from the streets. His goal is to seek social and mystical meanings, combining content analysis and pareidolia. This research is manifested in large format works that combine natural patina, collage, decollage, and resin.


2024 (Expected graduation), Ma Fine Art,  University of Arts London, London, UK.

1999, Undergraduate Professional Degree in Communication, DuocUC, Santiago, Chile.


2024 MA Show. UAL Chelsea College of Arts, London.

Weatherbys Private Bank Exhibition, Jun –  December 2024, London.

Semana del Arte de Mallorca ADEMA, 2024, Fundación Barceló, Palma, Spain.

Ghost Signs, March 2024, Tate Modern (occupation).

Sweet Jesus, March 2024, Tate Britain (occupation).

Desire and Consumption, April 2024, Packham  Levels, London.

Sexual Dissidence (in Art Today), April 2024,  Studio 18 Millbank, London.

Grounded, 2024, Cookhouse Gallery, London.

Arts Chaplaincy Project 2024, St Saviour’s, London.

Everything Must Go, Feb 2024. Chelsea College of Arts, London.

International Exhibition, Jan – Feb 2024. Academy of Visual Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The Third Space, Jan – Feb 2024. University of the Arts London.

Home, Jan 2024. Simmons Farringdon, London.

One, 2023, Cookhouse, London UK.

Little Show, 2023, Chelsea UAL, London UK.

Everything is connected, 2023, Cookhouse, London UK.

Departure Lounge, 2023, ALG 17 Gallery, London, UK.

22=11, 2022, Museu Lusófono da Diversidade Sexual (on-line, Google Arts & Culture)

Mil Metros, 2020, Museum of Sexual Diversity and Google Arts & Culture. (on-line)

Diversa, 2018, Museu da Diversidade Sexual. São Paulo, Brazil.

Bienal da Arte Sesc-DF, 2018. Sesc, Brazil.

Donas da Historia, Caixa Economica Federal, Brazil, 2016.

Horrible self-portraits, Brasilia, 2016.

Caixas de Bonecas, 2015. Caixa econômica Federal, Brasilia.

Dark Brazil, 2015, Brasília, Brazil.

Escolhas, 2015, Caixa econômica Federal, Brasilia, Brazil.

Persa del Arte, 2013, Factoría Santa Rosa. Santiago, Chile.

Permanent Collections

Diversa Foundation, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Museu da Diversidade Sexual, Sao Paulo,  Brazil.

Museu Lusófono da Diversidade Sexual, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Curatorial projects

Sexual Dissidence (in Art Today), April 2024, Studio 18 Millbank, London. 

Desire and Consumption, April 2024, Packham Levels,  London.

The Queer Museum, International Annual Exhibition, 2024, Cookhouse Gallery, London.

The Queer Museum, International Annual Exhibition, 2023, Memorial de América Latina, São Paulo.

Afetos Dissidentes, Exhibition, The Queer Museum, 2023, Mudeu da Diversidade, São Paulo.